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To help inform views on our proposals as part of this statutory publicity and consultation Pre-Application Consultation, a draft of the Alaw Môn Solar Farm Development of National Significance application pack is available to view and download within the below links

Procedural Documents

PEDW DNS Acceptance Notice Letter
Draft DNS Application Form 
Notice (English and Welsh)

Application Documents

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment 
Collaborative Benefits Report
Consultation Statement
Design and Access Statement
Economic Benefits Statement

Habitats Regulations Assessment: No Significant Effects Report
Planning Statement, including Welsh Impact Statement
Site Selection Report
Supply Chain & Employment Skills Plan

Environmental Statement

Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement (English)

Datganiad Amgylcheddol Crynodeb Annhechnegol (Welsh)


Environmental Statement – Volume 1

Chapter 1 Introduction

Figure 1.1 Site Location Plan

Chapter 2 Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology

Figure 2.1 Cumulative Schemes Plan

Chapter 3 Site and Development Description

Figure 3.1 Proposed Site Layout

Chapter 4 Alternatives and Design Evolution

Figure 4.1 Design Evolution (March 2021)

Figure 4.2 Design Evolution (June 2021)

Figure 4.3 Design Evolution (August 2021)

Figure 4.4 Design Evolution (March 2022)

Chapter 5 Construction Methodology and Phasing

No Figures

Chapter 6 Cultural Heritage

Figure 6.1 Non-Designated Historic Assets

Figure 6.2 Geophysical Survey Results Interpretation Overview

Figure 6.3 Trench Location Plan with Field Numbers

Figure 6.4 Designated Historic Assets

Chapter 7 Landscape and Visual Effects

Figure 7.1 Zone of Theoretical Visibility

Figure 7.2 Site Context

Figure 7.3 Topographical Feature Plans

Figure 7.4 Landscape Character Plan

Figure 7.5 LANDMAP Geological, Habitats and Cultural Landscapes

Figure 7.6 LANDMAP Visual Sensory and Historic Landscapes

Figure 7.7 Landscape Character Aspect Areas

Figure 7.8 Landscape Character Evaluation

Figure 7.9 Visual and Sensory Aspect Area

Figure 7.10 Visual and Sensory Evaluation

Figure 7.11 Site Appraisal Plan

Figure 7.12 Visual Appraisal Plan

Figures 7.13-7.17 Landscape Strategy Plans and Planting Schedule

Chapter 8 Biodiversity

No Figures                

Chapter 9 Water Environment

No Figures

Chapter 10 Transport and Access

Figure 10.1 Study Area Construction Traffic Route (within Chapter)

Figure 10.2 Public Rights of Way (within Chapter)

Chapter 11 Air Quality

Figure 11.1 Study Area

Chapter 12 Noise and Vibration

Figure 12.1 Receptor Locations (within Chapter)

Figure 12.2 Baseline Noise Measurement Locations (within Chapter)

Figure 12.3 Specific Sound Level Map (within Chapter)

Chapter 13 Agricultural Land

Figure 13.1 Welsh Government's Predictive ALC Map Showing The Isle of Anglesey

Figure 13.2 Predictive ALC map

Chapter 14 Summary and Residual Effects

No Figures                


Environmental Statement - Volume 2

Chapter 1 Introduction

No Appendices        

Chapter 2 Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology

Appendix 2.1 EIA Scoping Report

Appendix 2.2 Planning Inspectorate Wales EIA Scoping Direction

Appendix 2.3 Outline BESS Safety Management Plan

Appendix 2.4 Long List of Cumulative Assessment Schemes

Chapter 3 Site and Development Description

Appendix 3.1 Detailed Plans

Chapter 4 Alternatives and Design Evolution

No Appendices        

Chapter 5 Construction Methodology and Phasing

Appendix 5.1 Outline Construction Environmental Management Plan

Chapter 6 Cultural Heritage

Appendix 6.1 Heritage Statement

Appendix 6.2 Geophysical Survey Report

Appendix 6.3 Archaeological Evaluation Report

Chapter 7 Landscape and Visual Effects

Appendix 7.1 LVIA Methodology

Appendix 7.2 Site Appraisal Photographs

Appendix 7.3 Site Context Photographs

Appendix 7.4 Landscape Effects Table

Appendix 7.5 Visual Effects Table

Appendix 7.6 Residential Visual Amenity Assessment

Appendix 7.7 Glint and Glare Assessment

Appendix 7.8 Photomontages

Appendix 7.9 Correspondence with IACC

Chapter 8 Biodiversity

Appendix 8.1 Ecological Appraisal

Appendix 8.2 Bird Survey Report

Appendix 8.3 Great Crested Newt Report

Appendix 8.4 Natural Resources Wales Letter

Appendix 8.5 Agreed Natural Resources Wales Meeting Notes

Appendix 8.6 Isle of Anglesey County Council Letter and Response

Appendix 8.7 Alaw Mon Echoes Project Minutes 6th July 2021

Appendix 8.8 Alaw Mon Echoes Project Minutes 19th June 2023

Chapter 9 Water Environment

Appendix 9.1 Flood Consequences Assessment

Chapter 10 Transport and Access

Appendix 10.1 Transport Statement

Appendix 10.2 Outline Construction Traffic Management Plan

Chapter 11 Air Quality

No Appendices        

Chapter 12 Noise and Vibration

Appendix 12.1 An Introduction to Acoustics

Appendix 12.2 Baseline Sound Measurement Results

Appendix 12.3 Typical Construction Plant Details

Chapter 13 Agricultural Land

Appendix 13.1 Agricultural Land Classification

Appendix 13.2 Correspondence with the Welsh Government

Appendix 13.3 Framework Soil Management Plan

Chapter 14 Summary and Residual Effects

No Appendices


Site Location Plan – Overall, ENSO-11-01 Sheet 1 of 4
Site Location Plan, ENSO-11-01 Sheet 2 of 4
Site Location Plan, ENSO-11-01 Sheet 3 of 4
Site Location Plan, ENSO-11-01 Sheet 4 of 4
Proposed Site Plan, WAM-01-P02
PV Elevations, AM3.0 Rev 01
Inverter/Transformer Stations, AM4.0 Rev 01
Internal Access Road Detail, AM5.0 Rev 01
Fence and Gate Elevations, AM6.0 Rev 01
Weather Station Detail, AM7.0 Rev 01
Control Room Elevations, AM9.0 Rev 01
CCTV Elevations, AM11.0 Rev 01
Storage Container Elevations, AM13.0 Rev 01
Battery Container Elevations, AM12.0 Rev 01
Battery Fence and Gate Elevations, AM14.0 Rev 01
BESS Inverter/Transformer, WAM-01-P20
Battery Compound Preliminary Cut & Fill Layout, PL02 Rev C
Battery Compound Preliminary Cut & Fill Cross Sections, PL03 Rev C
Proposed Access Path Longitudinal Sections, PL04
Substation Fence and Gate Elevations, AM15.0 Rev 01
Substation Surfacing Cross Section, AM16.0 Rev 01
Substation, ICS-20-4089-001 Rev B Sheet 1 of 2
Substation Cross Section, ICS-20-4089-001 Rev B Sheet 2 of 2
Cable Section, WAM-01-P19

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